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The Ford Fusion Fastastic

Ford Fusion has been the recipient of warm reviews and is a competitor in the premium segment of the "medium-sized family car. In reality, it is not the kind of car that is quiet in the darkness, but rather commands a second look at its aggressive attitude and an angular profile. The interior is luxurious, warm and welcoming. It has an attractive, easy to decipher instrumental group, many storage options, plush seats and many convenient features. Fusion is now ten ingenious storage compartments. Its high ground clearance, suspension and excellent athletic ability to turn in the corners makes the Fusion a car agile and fun to drive. Fusion is available in five attractive colors mean. Panther Black, Diamond White, Paprika, Moondust silver and platinum. Fusion is now ten ingenious storage compartments. Its high ground clearance, suspension and excellent athletic ability to turn in the corners makes the Fusion a car agile and fun to drive.
The Fusion is available in five attractive colors to know. Panther Black, Diamond White, Paprika, Moondust Silver and platinum. . models of motor gasoline powered Ford Fusion 1.6L 4-cylinder that generates an output of 101 hp @ 6500 rpm and a torque of 146 Nm @ 3400 rpm. In addition, the 1.4L TDCi (turbo diesel common rail injection) diesel engine has an output of CV @ 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 160 Nm @ 2000 rpm 68. Both engines are characterized by good response and low fuel consumption well.Ford Fusion is a blend of stylish interiors and spacious external. The front of the sedan looks like a command shell with soft, clearly shaped headlights and front bumper color of the body, with two strips of chrome. His bright tail lights are arranged vertically in the rear, to further strengthen the overall appeal of the vehicle. The hatch provides a comfortable ride for five people.Ford Fusion comes with a host of safety features.
These include child safety locks on rear doors, seat belts, antilock braking (ABS) - with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) technology, front and rear fog lights, and a unattractive fuel of warning.The Ford Fusion has expanded its plush interior. The interior features soft-touch materials on the dashboard and doors. Table edge is well integrated into the center console. Leather-wrapped steering wheel adds to the Merger refined interior appearance. compartment provides storage space, free space and legroom for occupants. The four variants of Ford Fusion 1.6 Duratec petrol , 1.4L TDCi Diesel Plus 1.6 Duratec petrol and 1.4 L TDCi Diesel Plus. The car comes in a range of bright colors, including Black Panther, White Diamond, paprika, Moon Dust Silver and Mystic Wine. models Ford Fusion diesel is priced at Rs 6.59 lakh, while the petrol models come with a price of Rs 6.41 lakh.


Upcoming Mercedes-Benz MLC-class spied testing: ML-class based BMW X6-fighter to debut in Moscow in August

Just a few weeks after the debut of the Mercedes-Benz MLC in concept form, prototypes have been spotted testing in Colorado earlier this month. The MLC is meant to offer packaging similar to the BMW X6, combining the SUV shape of the ML with a more coupe-like exterior design.

The MLC will make its public debut at the Moscow International Motor Show in August of this year, a location that is perhaps indicative of the target audience for this upcoming crossover. The crossover will be positioned between the GLK-class and the ML-class SUVs, and it is expected to offer just a bit less room on the inside than the ML.

Codenamed C292, the MLC-class will reportedly go on sale during the second half of 2015 and will likely feature engines carried over from the ML-class. The MLC will be manufactured in the U.S., at the Tuscaloosa, Ala., plant, alongside the ML-class and the GL-class. The MLC will borrow the ML-class' mechanicals heavily, though at the same time Mercedes-Benz promises "very dynamic handling."

Mercedes-Benz MLC spied testingChris Miller

The MLC will be just a bit smaller than the ML on the outside, and will raid the ML parts bin heavily.

The MLC-class prototype in the photos is moderately camouflaged, though with its debut looming next month it does appear largely ready to be seen in pre-production form, sans grille. Don't be put off by the BMW 7-series-style hatch; a number of commentators have observed that it is likely wearing something on the trunk to throw off automotive spies. Other shots of MLC-prototypes featured a much more tapered trunk design, which is most likely how it will appear in pre-production and production form once it is revealed to the public next month.

If the ML-class engines do carry over directly to the MLC, we are likely to see a 3.0-liter diesel V6, a 3.5-liter gasoline V6, a 4.6-liter gasoline V8 with twin turbos, in adittion to the likely AMG variants. In concept form in Beijing, the Coupe Concept was equipped with a 3.0-liter diesel V6.

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A Grand Wagoneer affair: ’88 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is TV producer’s one true love

When I was a kid, my dad regularly took us “hubcap hunting,” circling the roughest roads for gleaming castoffs. Every Christmas, he transformed the family room floor into a massive parking lot, setting up his 1:25-scale models for the ultimate game: “Who can find the 1972 Vega ?”

By the time I was a teenager, however, cars had lost their luster. Only my brother and father continued their pilgrimages to Detroit—my parents' hometown—for the North American International Auto Show and the Woodward Dream Cruise.

It seemed only the Sullivan males would carry on the automotive traditions that were at our family's core since my paternal grandfather made a career working for the Big Three.

My driver's license ushered in fleeting crushes on Nash Metropolitans and Volkswagen Beetles. But those early romances can't hold a candle to my vehicular soulmate. I was a sophomore in high school when the final Jeep Grand Wagoneer rolled out of the Toledo Assembly Plant, but the desire to own my dream car didn't end when production did.

Twenty years later, a “for sale” sign rekindled the love affair. While living in West Seattle, I stalked a neighborhood Wagoneer sporting custom green-and-white paint. My feelings for this “Green Machine,” as I dubbed it, outlasted one boyfriend and jeopardized a budding romance—the new guy I was dating simply couldn't fathom my attraction to this unusual beast.

Could the Green Machine's availability be destiny?

“Be rational,” the new guy advised.

Ignoring his opinion, I dove even deeper into the world of Wagoneers. I searched the Web for an expert who could coach me on questions I should ask the seller.

All signs pointed to the website for Wagonmaster, a Kerrville, Texas, Jeep restoration operation. I emailed photos of the truck to this mysterious Wagonmaster. The Grasshopper to Wagonmaster's Master Po, I was hoping to gain enough wisdom to avoid being taken for a ride by the Green Machine's owner.

Chip Miller—son of the Wagonmaster himself, company founder Leon Miller—responded with some solid advice. He suggested I let the seller know outright that I wasn't a mechanic and one would inspect it before I made any decisions, ideally making the seller more forthcoming. I appreciated that Chip didn't write me off as an unknowledgeable female buyer.

1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer rear

This 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a memory maker for its owner Katie Sullivan.

Weeks later, the Green Machine's seller returned my call. Unfortunately for me, between wrapping a TV show (I'm a producer) and looking for another freelancing gig, buying the Green Machine just wasn't feasible. I tabled the dream of ownership.

Still smitten, I combed various full-size Jeep forums and social media sites. Hoping to learn from other Wagoneer fans, I even created my own Facebook page called “Wagoneers in the Spotlight.”

Grander ideas germinated. Encouraged by my uncle, I reapproached Chip and Leon—this time, with a documentary pitch that's now in the works. The Wagoneer's history would be incomplete without a nod to Wagonmaster; Leon's efforts to preserve and to restore scores of the vehicles have kept quality Wagoneers accessible since production ceased.

1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Andrew Trahan

Katie Sullivan and her 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

I was invited to Kerrville and asked my uncle to join me. I was starstruck when I shook Leon's hand. Handed the keys to a pristine '91 hunter-green Final Edition, I gulped, “Are you sure I should drive?”

Chip said, “If you do something to it, you're with the right people to fix it.”

That summer, I would nab one of their “renewals” (Unit No. 986) that went back on the market. It was a 1988 Grand Wagoneer that Wagonmaster sold to J. Crew and later donated to the American Red Cross; the Wagoneer was sitting at its motor-pool facility in New Jersey. Having relocated to upstate New York, I didn't have far to travel for it.

My heart stopped the first time I saw it.

I was dazzled, so Chip grounded me again. From Texas, he connected me with a mechanic in Trenton, N.J., who conducted the inspection. Freaked at the enormity of such a purchase, I called my mom. She convinced me to pull the trigger.

Tickled by its pedigree and role as a clothier's delivery vehicle, I knew “MADRAS1” (as the license plate read) was in for a lifestyle change. I rechristened it “Clara” after Clara Barton.

1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer interior

Just inside the 1988 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a blast from the past.

I've commandeered my sister's garage in Rochester, N.Y., where I baby Clara. I can't open the hood and identify everything yet—I'm learning as I go. A rear-main-seal leak requires regularly checking and refilling the oil, but the transmission leak has been stanched. Thankfully, the Jeep came with an onboard trickle charger. It took my entire body weight to coerce it onto a side street once after stalling and losing power steering. The tiny, ineffectual windshield wipers are like T-rex arms. Luckily, my best friend's father is a patient mechanic.

Clara excels on the open road. The hood ornament is miles in front of me, and I revel in the V8 engine. My high school mixtapes are reborn. I can close my eyes and recall the first sunset I experienced driving the Jeep home along the New York State Thruway, comforted by the orange safety cone my aunt put in the tailgate and the 20 bucks she tucked in my pocket.

Anonymity is a thing of the past. It's not unusual to hear wolf whistles at red lights and an occasional “Dang, girl!” A mailman dropped his mailbag and stared after the car, openmouthed. When it's parked beside my brother's Mustang at the Log Cabin Cruise Night, strangers flock. The classic styling oozes and evokes nostalgia.

Clara is my memory-maker and my adventure mobile. It's hauled everything from pumpkins to camera gear. My boyfriend jokingly calls this Jeep my first love. He coined the term “Wagoneering” for my social media forays.

Aware of my “Wedding Wagoneers” Pinterest board, he knows that should he pop the question, the wedding venue will reflect Wagoneer character and I'll be the one driving as we ride off into the sunset.

Katie Sullivan is an Emmy-winning TV producer currently working on the documentary “The Jeep Wagoneer: A History.” You can reach her on Twitter @WaggyFan4Life.

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GM hires de Nysschen to replace Ferguson as Cadillac chief: Appointment is effective Aug. 1, reporting to GM’s Ammann

General Motors is hiring Johan de Nysschen, the former U.S. Audi boss who is leaving Nissan's Infiniti, to lead global Cadillac sales, GM said today.

De Nysschen, 54, will fill the post vacated Thursday by Bob Ferguson, who's returning to his previous position as the automaker's top government lobbyist, effective immediately.

He is joining GM as an executive vice president and president of Cadillac, effective Aug. 1, reporting to GM President Dan Ammann.

“Johan brings to our company vast experience in the development and proper execution of luxury automotive brands,” Ammann said in a statement today. “With over 20 years in this exact space, especially in the development of the Audi brand, his track record proves he is the perfect executive to lead Cadillac for the long term.”

Since mid-March, Ferguson has been spending most of his time in Washington, helping steer GM's response to its ignition switch recall.

The appointment of De Nysschen fills a leadership void at GM's luxury brand. While Ferguson has been focused on the recall crisis, U.S. Cadillac boss Bill Peffer departed abruptly last month after less than 10 months in the job. He was the third head of Cadillac sales to leave in two years.

U.S. Cadillac sales have dropped 2 percent this year in a market that has gained 4 percent. Last year, Cadillac recorded a 22 percent increase.

Said de Nysschen in the GM statement:

"I have for some time now been impressed by how the new General Motors has been transformed into a formidable force in the industry. The combination of strong corporate leadership and exceptional engineering resources presents the perfect combination to restore Cadillac to its place among global premium brands."

Departure from Infiniti

De Nysschen is leaving Infiniti two years after joining the brand's new global headquarters in Hong Kong. He submitted his resignation earlier this week, Nissan Motor Corp. Executive Vice President Andy Palmer said in an interview earlier Friday from Japan.

In deciding to leave Infiniti, Nissan's Palmer said de Nysschen "cited ... a strong desire to go back to the United States for personal reasons,” and noted that his home and family are still in the United States.

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn recruited de Nysschen for his record as president of Audi of America.

Over his tenure there, Audi's share of the U.S. luxury market climbed to 9.5 percent in 2011 from 5.3 percent in 2004.

Nissan is considering internal and external candidates to replace de Nysschen, Palmer said. In the interim, Palmer will assume de Nysschen's duties as president of Infiniti.

"GM hires de Nysschen to replace Ferguson as Cadillac chief" was posted to Automotive News on 7/11/2014.

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2015 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG Coupe tops halo lineup: Brings 621 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque

Is the S63 AMG Coupe not enough for you? Here's your ride.

The S65 AMG Coupe is the S-class coupe range's new 12-cylinder crown. The AMG 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 cranks out 621 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque. AMG boss Tobias Moers says some of his customers will ONLY buy V12s from him. This coupe is for them. It follows the S65 AMG and the SL 65 AMG. Mercedes likes to point out that no other automaker worldwide offers as large a portfolio of 12-cylinders.

The V12's horsepower and torque are good enough to propel the car to 60 mph in four seconds flat. Top speed is electronically limited to 186 mph. The 7G-Tronic trans offers controlled efficiency (including stop/start), sport and manual modes. We haven't driven the big coupe yet, but based on the other AMG Ss we've tried, we expected effortless and smooth power.

Mercedes' Magic Body Control suspension combines its Active Body Control and Road Surface Scan technologies, which include a “curve tilting” function for the first time in the U.S. It sees curves coming and allows the car to lean into corners -- like a motorcycle.

Steering is adjusted according to the suspension modes; lighter in comfort and stiffening in sport.

There are several visual elements separating the V12 from its stablemates. For example, you can choose between gray or red brake calipers, or spring for optional ceramic discs. The three-pointed star up front is finished in high-gloss chrome, as are the grille, air intakes, side air deflectors and front splitter. “V12 BITURBO” badges on the front fenders tell your neighbors what lurks under the hood.

We love S-class interiors and we expect this one will welcome you with terrific materials beautifully assembled. The sports seats have Designo AMG-exclusive napa leather with the diamond pattern. The dash has the other S-class' two-part wide-screen TFT display, and of course, everything is wrapped in lovely leather -- as we've grown to expect from the S-class line.

The car is loaded to the gills with equipment, including but not limited to a 360-degree camera, active-parking assist, high-zoot stereo system, Distronic cruise control, active-blind spot assist…you get the gist.

The car hits U.S. showrooms before the end of the year. Prices are still coming. Our guess? Somewhere in the $150,000 range.

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Bugatti considering a 1,500-hp, 16-cylinder hybrid supercar : Woke up in a hybrid Bugatti

Because someone out there still needs to party like it's 1989, Bugatti is considering a 1,500-hp hybrid hypercar as the only conceivable thing that can truly follow the Veyron.

Sources deep within the Volkswagen empire have revealed that the two-door replacement -- instead of the Galibier sedan that was once approved as the newest Bugatti -- will rock a 16-cylinder engine, much like the current Veyron, but coupled to a hybrid drivetrain that remains unspecified. That's what CEO Wolfgang Duerheimer wants, anyway, according to Automotive News Europe.

Short of Koenigsegg and Pagani, that's what it takes to play in the hypercar realm these days: social responsibility not only meets European emissions regulations, but ever since the likes of Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche discovered that they could also go fast, they have run with it -- to dizzying speeds.

In Bugatti's case, that means the new model must beat the Veyron Super Sport's 267.856-mph top speed (as well as the record-setting Hennessey Venom). It's already targeted at producing 300 more hp than the 1,200-hp Super Sport. It's already been spied at the Nurburgring. And Bugatti will need something set in motion, soon: The Veyron will go out of production at the end of this year, 430 of the planned 450 Veyrons having already been built, and every one apparently a special edition. This new Bugatti will launch sometime after that, around the time Dr. Dre drops "Detox."

But until then, it's all conjecture. The replacement for the Veyron will get 15,000,000 hp, depending how liberal and generous you are with your zeroes and commas; it will also cure cancer, carry a Stradivarius violin in the glovebox, navigate the Estonian small business application process and get 68.7 miles to the gallon by scrubbing carbon contaminants from the atmosphere with a series of small Pomeranians mounted to the airbox.

What it won't do, however, is solve wealth inequality. After all, your typical Bugatti buyer has standards, a spokeswoman cryptically alluded. "The new model will not be less exciting than the Veyron," she said. "Our customers have certain expectations."

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