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The Ford Fusion Fastastic

Ford Fusion has been the recipient of warm reviews and is a competitor in the premium segment of the "medium-sized family car. In reality, it is not the kind of car that is quiet in the darkness, but rather commands a second look at its aggressive attitude and an angular profile. The interior is luxurious, warm and welcoming. It has an attractive, easy to decipher instrumental group, many storage options, plush seats and many convenient features. Fusion is now ten ingenious storage compartments. Its high ground clearance, suspension and excellent athletic ability to turn in the corners makes the Fusion a car agile and fun to drive. Fusion is available in five attractive colors mean. Panther Black, Diamond White, Paprika, Moondust silver and platinum. Fusion is now ten ingenious storage compartments. Its high ground clearance, suspension and excellent athletic ability to turn in the corners makes the Fusion a car agile and fun to drive.
The Fusion is available in five attractive colors to know. Panther Black, Diamond White, Paprika, Moondust Silver and platinum. . models of motor gasoline powered Ford Fusion 1.6L 4-cylinder that generates an output of 101 hp @ 6500 rpm and a torque of 146 Nm @ 3400 rpm. In addition, the 1.4L TDCi (turbo diesel common rail injection) diesel engine has an output of CV @ 4000 rpm and maximum torque of 160 Nm @ 2000 rpm 68. Both engines are characterized by good response and low fuel consumption well.Ford Fusion is a blend of stylish interiors and spacious external. The front of the sedan looks like a command shell with soft, clearly shaped headlights and front bumper color of the body, with two strips of chrome. His bright tail lights are arranged vertically in the rear, to further strengthen the overall appeal of the vehicle. The hatch provides a comfortable ride for five people.Ford Fusion comes with a host of safety features.
These include child safety locks on rear doors, seat belts, antilock braking (ABS) - with Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD) technology, front and rear fog lights, and a unattractive fuel of warning.The Ford Fusion has expanded its plush interior. The interior features soft-touch materials on the dashboard and doors. Table edge is well integrated into the center console. Leather-wrapped steering wheel adds to the Merger refined interior appearance. compartment provides storage space, free space and legroom for occupants. The four variants of Ford Fusion 1.6 Duratec petrol , 1.4L TDCi Diesel Plus 1.6 Duratec petrol and 1.4 L TDCi Diesel Plus. The car comes in a range of bright colors, including Black Panther, White Diamond, paprika, Moon Dust Silver and Mystic Wine. models Ford Fusion diesel is priced at Rs 6.59 lakh, while the petrol models come with a price of Rs 6.41 lakh.


2015 Volkswagen Golf GTI pricing information coming soon: Seventh-generation hot hatch shouldn’t cost much more than outgoing car

Update: We released prices for the 2015 VW Golf GTI too early -- we'll be back with updated information as soon as possible. In the mean time, see our drive review of the 2015 VW Golf GTI, which contains pricing estimates and a breakdown of available options.

About the New York auto show

The 2014 New York auto show runs April 16-27 and is expected to attract a range of production and concept cars including the 2015 Mustang convertible, BMW M4 convertible and next Hyundai Sonata. Check out Autoweek's complete coverage at

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Two new Aston Martin models to debut at New York auto show: DB9 Carbon Edition and Vantage GT join Aston lineup

Aston Martin has announced that it will debut new versions of its Vantage and DB9 sports cars at the New York auto show. At $99,900, the Vantage GT becomes the lowest-price option in the Aston Martin lineup. With a 430-hp V8, a 190-mph top speed and some seriously attractive bodywork, the budget model could prove tempting to Porsche 911 buyers. It will be available as a coupe or roadster with either a six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic. Runs to 60 from a stop should take 4.6 seconds -- not blistering by modern standards but not slow either.

The Vantage GT will feature a number of cosmetic touches to differentiate it from other Aston models, and a complement of motorsports-inspired paint and graphic options are available for buyers who feel the need to ensure they'll be able to spot their car in a crowded parking lot. Aston says we should expect deliveries to begin in the third quarter of this year.

The DB9 Carbon Edition we'll see in New York will be offered in either carbon black or carbon white spec, though we're assured that buyers can order any color. A number of carbon-fiber adornments will come standard, and those who really want to drive the carbon-fiber point home can add a carbon front spoiler, diffuser and mirror housings.

The Carbon Edition is powered by Aston's 6.0-liter V12 making 457 lb-ft of torque and 510 hp. The price for this carbon-fiber wonder? $199,995. Just like the Vantage, deliveries are scheduled for the third quarter of this year.

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Chevrolet Trax compact SUV revealed at New York auto show: 1.4-liter turbocharged Buick Encore sibling to go on sale in early 2015

Meet the Chevy Trax, the company's new entry in the compact SUV segment. Chevrolet has officially taken the wraps off the Trax ahead of its North American debut at the New York Auto Show. The Trax is meant to combine the versatility of an SUV with an efficient turbocharged engine a-la Buick Encore, all in an affordable package. Chevrolet has several successful small car launches under its belt, and the debut of the Trax will fill an important niche that has remained vacant for quite a few years.

The Trax will be powered by a1.4-liter turbocharged Ecotec engine, and will be offered in front-wheel drive, with all-wheel drive optional. The 1.4-liter unit will be paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, and will produce 138 hp and 148 lb-ft of torque -- identical figures to its Buick Encore sibling, which is also based on the same Chevrolet Sonic-derived platform.

If you have the nagging feeling that you may have seen the Trax somewhere on the Internet, that's because it has been on sale in other markets since 2013, badged as a Holden Trax in Australia and as the Chevrolet Tracker in several other markets including Russia. The Trax was first previewed at the 2012 Paris Auto Show, though at the time Chevrolet did not indicate that the compact SUV would be available in North America. We have a feeling that the unexpected success of the Encore, which is based on the same GM Gamma II platform and is also sold as the Opel Mokka in a number of European markets, prompted Chevrolet to reconsider fielding another version of the small SUV in North America.

When it goes on sale in early 2015 (that's right, there'll be a bit of wait) it'll be available with all the latest Chevy goodies including OnStar 4G LTE and a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot, in addition to GM's MyLink tech featuring a 7-inch color touch screen. The availability of Siri Eyes Free voice command technology should make it popular with buyers, as will a rearview camera offered as standard equipment. In terms of tech, the Trax will also offer Sirius XM as an option, along with a GPS-enabled downloadable app navigation system.

Chevrolet debuts Trax compact SUV for 2015Chevrolet

When the Trax goes on sale in early 2015, expect the latest Chevy tech including OnStar 4G LTE and MyLink.

On the inside, the Trax will make good use of the admittedly snug cabin, and Chevrolet promises there'll be plenty of bins and other hidden nooks, in addition to 60/40 folding rear seats. Sporty-looking touches will include available front fog lamps and simulated front and rear skid plates. Expect the Trax to be available in LS, LT and LTZ trims, and offered in ten exterior colors including Brilliant Blue Metallic, Orange Rock Metallic, Satin Steel Metallic, White Pearl Tricoat, Black Granite Metallic, Summit White, Silver Ice Metallic, Ruby Red Metallic, Deep Espresso Metallic, and Blaze Red.

The base LS trim will feature cloth seats, while the LT trim level will have an upgraded "deluxe" cloth trim standard in addition to an optional cloth/leatherette interior, while the LTZ models will feature leatherette trim. Three interior color choices will be on offer across all trim lines, including Jet Black, Jet Black/Light Titanium, and Jet Black/Brownstone.

"Trax offers customers another option in the Chevrolet family and will be a strong competitor in the emerging small-SUV market, which is expected to grow more than 80 percent by 2016," said Alan Batey, General Motors senior vice president, Global Chevrolet. "Trax also leverages our global resources and builds on Chevrolet's strong SUV heritage."

Chevrolet will announce pricing at a later date, though we expect that it'll be priced below its Buick Encore sibling, which starts at $24,950.

About the New York auto show

The 2014 New York auto show runs April 16-27 and is expected to attract a range of production and concept cars including the 2015 Mustang convertible, BMW M4 convertible and next Hyundai Sonata. Check out Autoweek's complete coverage at

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One Lap of the Web: The Internet celebrates the Mustang : Car news and videos from all corners of the Internet

Fifty years ago Muhammad Ali became the heavyweight champion of the world, Jeopardy! debuted, Lockheed went 2,000 mph with the YF-12, and a mop-topped band went on a television show to promote what would be shameless nostalgia for the next 50 years, even while it was happening. Oh, and Ford introduced the Mustang, an event that would be Lee Icacoca's Second Greatest Shining Moment, behind introducing Chrysler's TC by Maserati as the prettiest Italian to arrive stateside since his mother. The World's Fair was fifty years ago this week, and the Internet remembers what it was like when the Mustang came out.

-- At that wild, wonderful World's Fair of half a century ago, the Mustang wasn't just the star attraction. You could also check out a prototype fusion reactor from General Electric, a computerized highway, a machine at the unfortunately-named World of Gas that crunched up old dishes and molded new ones, and TWA's vision of supersonic transport -- fitting given Mad Men's final season that recently began airing. A season chock-full of slow, mesmerizing shots of Don Draper evacuating a TWA Boeing 707 from the tarmac of Mines Field. It's amusing, because TWA is no longer a thriving entity. Neither is smoking indoors.

-- Richard Truett of Automotive News had a neighbor who always came home with Volkswagens, Karmann Ghias, and air-cooled curiosities. Until the day he came home with a brand-spankin'-new 1966 Mustang GT: brown, fastback, rally pack and dual exhaust. It changed Truett's life! Mild-mannered Truett moved on from air-cooled nerdiness to real V8 power, chasing girls and flipping the bird at authority like a real rebel, without any sort of cause to be a part of. At any rate, he bought a 1966 Mustang of his own, also a fastback. Now he has a garage full of British cars. It's unrelated, he swears.

-- Since the car has been around for so long, the Mustang has been in some movies.(Need for Speed was an ignominious recent addition, which is impressive considering Nicholas Cage drove one.) This would explain why the producers of Charlie's Angels (and the producers of Starman) used Mustang IIs, the former showcasing bedroom poster queen Farah Fawcett. Parade asks: can you figure out where the Mustang appeared? We hear some guy named Steve was quite fond of his.

-- Peter DeLorenzo makes the simple, bold claim: "it changed everything." On paper, it didn't seem like much -- especially in this world of platform sharing, now ubiquitous in an ever wallet-tightening world. But back then the combination of customizability, simplicity, and youthful appeal led to 22,000 orders on the first day alone.

-- And, of course, being a Mustang, shenanigans are bound to happen. Like with this guy.

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BMW M5 celebrates 30th birthday, promises a surprise: BMW counts down five generations of the legendary sports sedan

The BMW M5 has been with us for thirty years. That's right; the E28 premiered in the fall of 1984 as a 1985 model after its debut at the Amsterdam Motor Show, and even though its performance figures have aged somewhat (in the best way possible) it's important to remember that it was the fastest production sedan in the world when it premiered. There are a number of ways to look at that title in the present day with the presence of 200 mph-plus luxobarges, but things were different in 1984 when the first BMW M5 rolled off the assembly line. Featuring a version of the straight-six engine found in the M1, it was in a class all by itself for quite some time, until the debut of the Mercedes-Benz 500E.

BMW is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the M5 this year, and they claim to have a surprise in store for BMW fans... and fans of all things fast, really. They won't say what it is, but everyone's money seems to be on a special edition M5 for the 2015 model year, which we could see in the next few days or in the next few weeks.

To whet fans' appetites, BMW has released this lunch hour-friendly video of the 2014 BMW M5 doing what BMW 5s do best: some powerslides and some burnouts. We're hoping for a series a videos of every generation of M5 doing the same in different locations, though for the E34-generation we can probably just watch John Frankenheimer's documentary film "Ronin".... for the 27th time (this year).

Stay tuned for more BMW M5 30th anniversary celebration news, as BMW gets set to reveal its surprise.

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